Here you can acquaint yourself with the range of training products we deliver. A personalized training programme can be developed to suit your needs. In the methodology of the trainings, lecture sessions alternate with practical exercises and discussion. One of our principles is that training has to be educative but interactive, fun and entertaining as well. Two or more trainers will usually carry out lengthier courses and trainings simultaneously to guarantee professionalism and variety.

Please let us know the topics that correspond to your training needs and we will draw up a tailored offer especially for you. Consultations and coaching in all areas mentioned are also offered. Also offering virtual sessions.

Organization and Management
  • New paradigms in management and leaderhship.
  • Organization: its goals, vision, mission and structure.
  • Organizational culture and microclimate.
  • Types of culture: How does culture develop?
  • Basics of management, differences between managers and leaders, change in the role of the manager.
People in Organizations
  • Individuals’ personal traits.
  • Some important concepts concerning personality – perception, roles, values, attitudes.
  • Multiple intelligences, emotional, rational, practical and spiritual intelligence.
  • Creativity.
  • The personality of a leader, leadership competencies, different leadership skills, their influence on organization’s microclimate.
Motivation and Self-Motivation/ Dealing with Stress
  • Modern trends in motivating people.
  • Motivating people by developing their different skills.
  • The meaning and importance of self-motivation.
  • Self-motivation and emotional intelligence.
  • Work-related stress and burnout – causes and ways of dealing with it.
Communication and Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Importance of communication, leading by communicating.
  • Giving feedback, performance reviews.
  • Communication process, main rules of communication.
  • Communication and emotional intelligence.
  • Conflicts, their causes, how to deal with them successfully, win-win solutions.
  • Different communication techniques, basics of assertive behaviour.
  • Communication exercises.
Successful Negotiations
  • Main negotiation techniques, different stages of negotiations.
  • Competencies of a good negotiator, emotional intelligence in the negotiation process.
  • Essential communication skills.
  • Negotiations as a way of solving conflicts.
  • Decision-making process in negotiations.
  • Negotiations in teams, different nationalities and cultural differences in the negotiation process.
  • Practical negotiation exercises.
Groups and Teams in Organizations
  • Characteristics of groups, thinking and decision-making in groups.
  • Differences between groups and teams, how groups grow into teams?
  • How to build effective teams?
  • Critical aspects in teamwork, threats and problems.
  • Team’s emotional intelligence.
  • Team-building exercises.
Public Speaking
  • Competencies of a good public speaker
  • Psychological and physical readiness of a speaker
  • Main rules of public speaking, different categories of public speaking
  • The construction of a speech and a presentation – differences and similarities.
  • Using visual aids during the speech.
  • Leading meetings.
  • Practical exercises.